About de FACTO

A candid retaliation against the nonchalance, within "practical", "reasoning" architecture, towards theory, critical thought, and the plethora of progressive speculation available, de FACTO is a long-due rebellion. It is a mutiny against architecture for the sake of architecture alone. It is a claim for its understanding as a system of cause-and-effect, wherein politics, economics, culture, and society are all invested stakeholders. It is a hope for its re-organization as a powerful inclusive apparatus, that productively decodes the connections between ideology and built-form. It is a declaration that, "in fact, in effect, in reality, whether by right or not", theory exists within architectural practice, process and product alike.​
Folded 8.5"x11" Newsprint.

Shalmali Wagle - Co-Founder | Editor-in-Chief | Ideation

Jimmy Darling - Co-Founder | Graphics | Website

Ali Reza Shahbazin - Contributor

The eyes are useless when the mind is blind.